Hazards 103
July-September 2008

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Hazards issue 103 July-September 2008


4-5 It’s worse than murder Chris Knoop died in a workplace explosion. The directors of the company responsible didn’t turn up for the court case. And the fine was just £2. It's no wonder deaths at work outstrip murders by two to one. more

6-11 Deadly business news Three months for ignoring HSE notice. Bus bosses jailed for death cover-up. Widows anger at crane ‘accident’ verdict. ‘Myopic’ refusal on cranes register. Lax offshore enforcement warning. Fined but free after deaths. Family critical of death firm. Small dip in work deaths. Corus rapped for another death. Union slam ‘complacent’ government. Union warning on HSE’s risky move. Adding insult to injury.

12-17 News in brief Breast cancer action call. Smoking ban is a major life saver. Deadly compost dangers unearthed. Deadly formaldehyde. Working overtime causes depression. Depression hidden because of stigma. Work suicide toll grows. What price on your life? Asbestos warning on nanotubes. Medical journal gives nano warning. Euro unions call for nano precaution. Computer chip firms in cancer ‘fantasy’.

18-19 Spin cycle When research shows a chemical could be killing you, industry-backed scientists will quickly dispute the findings. David Michaels, author of Doubt is their product, exposes industry’s dangerous tactics. more

20-21 Asbestos threats It’s not enough that the asbestos industry is using lies and spin to push is deadly product. Now it is resorting to threats and the courts to harass its critics. more

22-31 What the unions say Government u-turn hits disease sufferers. Court challenge to cancer payouts. Scotland leads on pleural plaques. Court rules asbestos causes lung cancer. Fire crews lack flood safety gear. Union heat improves schools. Safety rep sorts out chutes. Why didn’t Network Rail listen? Hazards Questionnaire. Payout deal for stressed teacher. Explosion knocked worker’s confidence. Injured then sacked by ‘cavalier’ council. Safety reps and mental health. Return of the long hours culture. UK evades long hours ceiling. TUC slams CBI’s sick response. Golden toilet to flush out breaks pay. Agency workers to get equal rights. Vulnerable workers abuse ‘scandal’. Polish worker dies in fireball. Gangmaster watchdog needs wider role.

32-35 International news Olympic movement on sports goods. Coalition challenges corporate abuses. New union push on work cancers. Union mettle on health and safety. Turkey protests win safety concessions. US firms bury the victims. Democrats call for tough penalties. Tony Mazzocchi – a real union leader on safety.