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Hazards 108, October-December 2009

6-9 Greenwash There’s something sickeningly familiar about green jobs. Colin Sinclair died doing one, so did Bert Reeves. Hazards calls for vigilance to ensure environmentally-sustainable jobs are decent, safe jobs. more

10-15   News in brief HSE’s offshore ‘complacency’ warning. HSE admits its ‘serious failings’ led to blast. Register must cover all cranes. Businessmen behaving badly. Pupil loses eight fingers in art horror. Multinational failed to learn deaths lesson. Worker crushed then blamed. Young workers at risk. Temps given pavement drug tests. Does anyone want fit notes? Arthritis should not stop work. Allergic response.

16-17  Escaping scrutiny Fewer than 1-in-15 major injuries at work result in a Health and Safety Executive investigation. But Tory plans to give firms a get-out-of-jail card could make a bad situation much, much worse. more

Centrepages   Dangerous lead Figures obtained by Hazards reveal thousands of UK workers are being exposed to levels of lead that could kill. The Health and Safety Executive knows its lead standard is dangerous, but has “no intention” of doing anything about it. more

20-21  Child labour Child labour isn’t about helping out mum and dad. For over 200 million children worldwide, it’s a way of life. And it kills tens of thousands of children every year. A Hazards photofile. more

22-31  Unions and campaigns Council refused to watch lifeguard’s back. Two days vibration causes lasting harm. Office trip hurts pregnant mum. Attacks drove teacher out of education. What price on your life? Judge rejects SSE’s ‘paranoid’ terror claims. Push to strengthen blacklist law. Data watchdog says jail abusers. Gangmasters at work. TUC marks safety landmark. ‘Grave concern’ over North Sea copters. Union wants brake on rail cutbacks. Hazards Questionnaire.  Air crew protest at sky high fatigue. Driver to exhaustion. Action needed on work strains. Suicides are caused by work. Asbestos confirmed as top killer. Directors told to pay up. Widow denied asbestos payout. It’s consolation, not compensation.

32-33   International news Big business would hurt workers. It’s all about workers. Good jobs are good for you. Work’s not what it used to be.

34-36   Resources Latest reviews and resources and a back page pin-up-at-work ‘Daily Abuse’ poster.

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