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Hazards 120, October-December 2012


LOW LIFE  Whether your job is making people better or making plastics, don’t expect a safety inspector to call. Hazards reveals how the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has designated most jobs either too safe for them to bother, or just not worth the effort even if they are shockingly dangerous. more

CANCER COSTS  Andy Watterson warns that official inaction on work-related cancers is consigning thousands to an early grave each year and costing the economy billions. more

SIMON  Simon Pickvance quietly exposed the extent of the UK’s hidden epidemic of work-related ill-health and proved the solution must lie in workers’ own hands. Hazards remembers a brilliant colleague, who has died aged 63 of a work-related cancer. more

BIG LIARS  After noisily protesting their innocence, it seems the biggest names in UK construction were – and some remain - safety blacklisters after all. Hazards warns that victimisation of union and safety activists is alive and killing. more


GAME ON! What it comes to conditions at work, union safety reps are the first and last line of defence. In hostile times, Mick Holder says their skills need to be tip-top to win improvements. more


MATERIAL DAMAGE As workers as young as eleven fall sick in tanneries in Bangladesh, the country’s government is standing by and doing nothing. Research by Human Rights Watch (HRW) reveals the dreadful human cost of producing leather products. more


THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT Work-related health problems kill at least 100 times as many people each year as workplace injuries. more


News in brief, 8-17. Unions and campaigns, 26-31. International news, 32-34.



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