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Hazards 135, July-September 2016


HARD LABOUR Shadow chancellor John McDonnell tells Hazards your protection is a 'red line' issue and that means delivering a strong safety regime underpinned by restored trade union rights. more

ROTTEN BOARD Who does the secretary of state for work think should speak for workers on the Health and Safety Executive board? The answer? A company director. more


TIRED OUT! Work-related fatigue can be very bad for your safety and your health. But Hazards editor Rory O’Neill says union safety reps can play a crucial role in stopping employers wringing ever more work out of fewer workers. more


NEEDLE Garment workers toiling behind the electrified fences of Sri Lanka’s free trade zones are paying a high price for making the cheap clothes sold on the UK high street, War on Want has found. more


DEAR PRIME MINSTER...  Let's all tell Theresa May we didn't vote to die at work more


News in brief. 10-17 Unions and campaigns. 22-31 International news. 32-35

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