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Hazards 139, July-September 2017


IT'S DOWN TO YOU The sick and dying can’t afford hundreds of pounds to get advice on their occupational diseases from the Health and Safety Executive. They are being priced out of existence. With the ‘commercialised’ safety regulator’s services regularly accompanied by a bill, now even more than ever, union protection may be all you’ve got. more

BAD JOB A government-commissioned review of insecurity at work has failed to recognise the game-changing improvements required to solve abusive employment practices. It also ignored almost entirely the cost to health of poor, poorly paid work more

POWER GRAB The removal of legal protections demanded by prominent Brexiteers will just make the economy more lawless not more productive, unions have warned. And some of the most ardent Tory supporters of Brexit have workplace safety laws at the top of their hit list. more


YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO SAFETY You think we have got safety cracked? Well, injuries may have fallen but problems including work cancers, insecurity and mental health conditions are rocketing. Dave Smith says only informed collective action will really make work better. more


PRETTY PICTURE? You probably get sick of the sight of your own workplace. But do you ever get to see where others spend their working day? The winners of the 'Focus on safety at work' photography competition, organised by the law firm Thompsons, give a glimpse of the world of work through others' eyes. more


BOXING CLEVER Trade union safety reps are the complete package, saving lives for 40 years. A Hazards pin-up-at-work poster more


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