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Impaired thinking
Britain’s employers have a big drug and alcohol problem. They are wasting millions on testing and firing workers. Hazards says providing support and a healthier working environment would provide a cheaper and more effective resolution to the bad working conditions causing worker impairment. Hazards 100, November 2007

Code read Your employer can no longer play fast and loose with your health information. A firm could be breaking the law if it fails to respect new rules on workers' privacy. And the new code warns them to think twice about the health records they hold and the hoops they ask you to leap through, whether this is health screening, medical, drug, alcohol or genetic tests.
Code read, Hazards 89, January-March 2005

Workplace privacy: You'll never work alone Some employers film, record or monitor your every action in the workplace, employ private detectives to follow you or to set you up. Employer snooping is not just bad for your privacy, it is very bad for your health at work. Hazards special report
TUC workplace privacy websiteToiletbreaksHazards 85 feature [pdf]

The drug testing habit The drug tests don't work, but that's not stopping employers. Hazards argues for sensible drug and alcohol policies.
Testing times, Hazards special report and Hazards 84 feature [pdf] •  Hazards drink and drugs webpage

Gene machine Not perfect? One day soon it may cost you your job. As the gene testing gadgets become a wrong headed but affordable option, more employers are expressing an interest.
Gene machine, Hazards special report and Hazards 84 feature [pdf]Hazards gene screen webpage





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Testing Times

If employers have their way they will soon be testing more than your patience. Companies are becoming more and more keen on alcohol, drug and genetic testing at work. They monitor your email, your phone calls, your work rate and your whereabouts. Hazards warns this scrutiny is a dangerous distraction that will be bad for your safety and privacy, and argues it may be their company, but your body is your business.

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