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Hazards 114, April-June 2011

4-5   Screw you Tory bully boy Chris Grayling doesn’t like you. In fact, he’s out to get you. The employment minister has removed your safety protection. He’s denying most sickness benefits. And he’s handing over policy making to anti-regulation, anti-worker business bigwigs. That’s why campaigners went to stop him in his tracks. more

6-17   News in brief Family speaks out after aerospace death. Six figure fines after labourer’s fatal fall. Conviction exposes manslaughter flaws. Buncefield production came before safety. Businessmen behaving badly. Make London Olympics ‘sweat free’. Power player heads nuke regulator. Scotland gets safety probe. So, you think fines hurt? Long work hours a heart attack risk. ‘Mild’ stress damages work prospects. The hazards of fake smiles. More work unpaid overtime than ever. Stress can kill in many ways. UK asbestos law is illegally lax – official. Survey reveals schools asbestos peril. ‘Low level’ asbestos payouts victory. Asbestos criminals in the dock. Designing out NHS violence. Violent incidents up at work. Warders could ‘withdraw to safety’. Minister slammed for sick ‘spin’. Sick must get up and train. Blame the job, not the victim. Port worker wins disability adjustments case.

Centrepages   Body blow We’ve less health and safety protection, so we’re more likely to get sick or injured. Our jobs are more insecure and our employment rights are being eroded, so we are more stressed. And welfare benefits are being denied to the sick, so when you can’t work anymore you might find you end up with nothing. more

20-21   Where’s the law? Deadly employers will be the sole beneficiaries of a business-driven trend towards less health and safety in workplaces worldwide, trade unions worldwide are warning. more

22-23   A world of trouble A hundred years ago, 146 young workers died in a garment sweatshop in the heart of New York, spurring new laws and an upsurge in union organising. Hazards looks at how far we’ve come since then – and finds not all the news is good. more

24-30   Unions and campaigns Government to rob injury victims. Payout funds essential rehab. Injured man robbed blind. What price on your life? Olympic site blockaded in blacklist protest. Tube drivers vote to protect union reps. Concern as headsets deafen workers. Safety reps in safety shack-up. Why do only the small guys get jail? Union wins PPE precedent. Agencies make workers pay for protection. Postman wins cycle helmet appeal. Call to follow Scottish lead on dogs. Losing limbs at work. Jobs link to women’s lung cancer risk. BA stops pay of pregnant cabin crew. Call for firms to support menopausal women. Chemicals out of control.

32-34   International news ThyssenKrupp execs jailed for deaths. Temp workers suffer nuclear fall out. Wal-Mart loses death fine fight. Corporate crime in Canada. Chinese maimed at Ford supplier. Union warning on sea container danger. Working longer requires better working.

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