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Hazards 165, January-March 2024
Contents more
Limitless more
Dust to dust more
Hospital cases more
Bad Climate more
Rep prep more
Weathering work more

Hazards 164, October-December 2023
Contents more
RIP HSE more
Biohazards! more
Dying jobs more
All eyes and ears more
Poster: Caution: biohazards more

Hazards 163, July-September 2023
Contents more
Firefight more
Ghosted more
We despair more
Casual Killer more
Burnt out more
Discounting women more
Poster: Ghosted more

Hazards 162, April-June 2023
Contents more
Sorry state more
One last act more
Out of the shadows more
Boiling point more
Poster: Heat and work safety more

Hazards 161, January-March 2023
Contents more
Failed more
Just unlawful more
Dust lies more
Resistance more
Everyday heroes more
Live wires more

Hazards 160, October-December 2022
Contents more
Grave errors more
Death wish more
A total disgrace more
Poster: Organise! more

Hazards 159, July-September 2022
Contents more
Death of decency more
Worth less more
Internal injuries more
Unravelling more
Poster: You are worth less more

Hazards 158, April-June 2022
Contents more
The fifth element more
Zero deaths more
Safety drive more
Poster: Stop killing workers now! more

Hazards 157, January-March 2022
Contents more
No saviour more
AI is not OK more
Deadline more
Poisoned breath more
Poster: A job to die for more

Hazards 156, October-December 2021
Contents more
Bare faced more
Air force more
Tear up more
Fast and furious more
Dressed to KIll more
Poster: Gruelling more

Hazards 155, July-September 2021
Contents more
Suicidal more
The right time more
No accident more
Women work more
Poster: Suicidal more

Hazards 154, April-June 2021
Contents more
All over? more
Sickening more
Union active! more
Selling lies more
Poster: Union active more

Hazards 153, January-March 2021
Contents more
Complete failure more
Rubbed out more
Rubbed out executive summary more
Cannon fodder more
It's fundamental more
It's fundamental factifile more
28 April poster more

Hazards 152, October-December 2020
Contents more
No! No! No! more
Smoking gun more
Venting more
Safety at sea more
Fighting our corner more

Hazards 151, July-September 2020
Contents more
Laid bare more
Biohazard more
Bright sparks more
Join up more

Hazards 150, April-June 2020
Contents more
Pieces of meat more
WHO knew? more
Abdication more
Out of touch more
Viral action more
In the dark more

Hazards 149, January-March 2020
Contents more
Exposed more
Outbreak more
Gold price more
Drop dead more

Hazards 148, October-December 2019
Contents more
Biting the dust more
Suicide note more
Blown away more
Discount chains more
Heartbroken more

Hazards 147, July-September 2019
Contents more
Choked more
Death wish more
Pilot study more

Hazards 146, April-June 2019
Contents more
Hands off more
Don't despair more
Stone dead more
Expecting more more

Hazards 145, January-March 2019
Contents more
All out! more
#So what? more
Target cancers more
Irregular outcome more
Work is war Special online feature

Hazards 144, October-December 2018
Contents more
Fuming more
Diesel out more
I spy more
Better plan more
Work is war more

Hazards 143, July-September 2018
Contents more
Rich pickings? more
A right mess more
McBurned? more
Whitewash more

Hazards 142, April-June 2018
Contents more
Wage war more
Shake it up more
Degraded more
Samsung blues more

Hazards 141, January-March 2018
Contents more
World of trouble more
Mental problems more
Work and suicide more
Why we do it more

Hazards 140, October-December 2017
Contents more
Unravelling more
It's not OK more
Show us your best face! more
On course more

Hazards 139, July-September 2017
Contents more
It's down to you more
Bad job more
You gotta fight more
A picture of health? more

Hazards 138, April-June 2017
Contents more
Make or break more
Blue murder more
Surviving asbestos more
Women's work? more

Hazards 137, January-March 2017
Contents more
Suicidal work more
Face it more
Trumped! more
Find a friend moreorganising 101
Toxic company more

Hazards 136, October-December 2016
Contents more
Graveyard shift more
Level thinking more
Charred labour more

Hazards 135, July-September 2016
Contents more
Hard labour more
Rotten board more
Tired out! more
Needle more

Hazards 134, April-June 2016
Contents more
Buy Me more
Perverted more
Feel better more
Get mapping more

Hazards 133, January-March 2016
Contents more
Strength in numbers more
Friendly fibre more
HSE is all talk more
Road block more
Toxic Teens more

Hazards 132, October-December 2015
Contents more
Doctor? No more
Hard to swallow more
Asbestos figures more
Hit list more
Keeping safe more

Hazards 131, July-September 2015
Contents more
Here to stay! more
Cameron killed more
Turn it on more
You know best more

Hazards 130, April-June 2015
Contents more
Cancer cause more
Sheepish watchdog more
Come clean more
Dead serious more
Sew wrong more

Hazards 129, January-March 2015
Contents more
Mean test more
10 steps from disaster more
Standard deviation more
Hey! Watcha gonna do? more
No deal more

Hazards 128, October-December 2014
Contents more
Distressing failure more
Low blow more
Brutish standards more
Life savers more

Hazards 127, July-September 2014
Contents more
At arm's length more
Don't pimp our watchdog more
A line in the sand more
Safety unmasked more

Hazards 126, April-June 2014
Contents more
Dust to dust more
Toxic record more
What if? more
Fracking boom more
See this? more

Hazards 125, January-March 2014
Contents more
We will get you more
Your safety is for sale more
When it pours more
Foul play more

Hazards 124, October-December 2013
Contents more
Lab rats more
Destroy safety! more
Watchdogma more
Act up! more
Gold standard more

Hazards 123, July-September 2013
Contents more
Dust storm more
Tough luck more
The new normal more
Jean damage more

Hazards 122, April-June 2013
Contents more
Robbed! more
Citizen sane more
Thick + fast more
Safe hands? more
Bangladesh more

Hazards 121, January-March 2013
Contents more
Manifesto! more
Work rules more
Public peril more
Well, then? more
Blacklist more

Hazards 120, October-December 2012
Contents more
Low life more
Cancer count more
Simon said more
Big liars more
Game on! more

Hazards 119, July-September 2012
Contents more
First blood more
Give up more
Outbreak more
Trashed more
Pay-per-go more

Hazards 118, April-June 2012
Contents more
Dark hearts more
iSick and iTired more
You lie we die more
Moral fibre more

Hazards 117, January-March 2012
Contents more
This man knows all about cancer more
Mad men more
Safety in the dock more
A kind of justice more
Banana Link more

Hazards 116, October-December 2011
Contents more
Safety in the pits more
Overkill more
Where’s that watchdog? more
TUC in action call more
Dust up! more
Deadly catch more

Hazards 115, July-September 2011
Contents text
Firm favourites more
This BS will kill you more
Don't die waiting more
Child's play more

Hazards 114: April-June 2011
Contents text
Screw you more
Body blow more
Where's the law? more
A world of trouble more

Hazards 113: January-March 2011
Contents text
Life support? more
Is HSE finished? more
Job killers more
Fashion victims more
Rotten Example more

Hazards 112: October-December 2010
Contents text
Get shirty! more
Silent witness more
Dangerous li(v)es more
To Europe and beyond more

Hazards 111: July-September 2010
Contents text
Abuse of power more
A neutered watchdog more
Death watch more
Slash and burn more
Our day more

Hazards 110: April-June 2010
Contents text
Once in a lifetime more
The bottom line? more
Better talk? more
Fit for purpose? more
Samsung's shame more

Hazards 109: January-March 2010
Contents text
The state we're in more
Recycling poisons more
The union effect [pdf] • more
Target Asia more

Hazards 108: October-December 2009
Contents text
Greenwash more
Dangerous lead more
Escaping scrutiny more

Hazards 107: July-September 2009
Contents text
All fired up more
Green collared more
A complete disaster more
Safety respect more

Hazards 106: April-June 2009
Contents text
Who pays? more
While you were sleeping more
Dangerous lead more

Hazards 105: January-March 2009
Contents text
Credit crunch more
Social unrest more
Fighting families more
Fack at work more

Hazards 104: October-December 2008
Contents text
Poisoned! more
Where is the justice? more
You big fat liars! more
Souped up safety reps more

Hazards 103: July-September 2008
Contents text
It’s worse than murder more
Spin cycle more
Asbestos threats more • [pdf]

Hazards 102: April - June 2008
Contents text
Relative Justice more
Get justice more
Don't be a safety nerd more

Hazards 101: January-March 2008
Contents text
Food flavour wrecks lungs more
Crying shame more
Women’s work [pdf]

Hazards 100: October-December 2007
Contents text
Why did they die? more
Just who does HSE protect? more
Dame blast more
Impaired thinking more

Hazards 99: July-September 2007
Contents text
What gorilla? more
Discounting cancers more
OHS SOS more
Palestine more

Hazards 98: April-June 2007
Contents text
Cross Words more
Not good! more
Lumbered more
Fighting cancer more

Hazards 97: January-March 2007
Contents text
Beyond Prison more
Safety repressed more
Stop! Asbestos! [pdf]
Making links more

Hazards 96: October-December 2006
Contents Text
Has safety had its chips? more
Not dead yet more
Human wreckage more

Hazards 95: July-September 2006
Contents Text
Come Clean more
Too young to die more
Supply chains more

Hazards 94: April-June 2006
Contents Text
Breathtaking more
Sure, we'll be safe more
Organise! PDFposter more
Life and death in Gujarat more

Hazards 93: January-March 2006
Contents Text
Total suck up more
Taking offence more
Futile exercise more

Hazards 92: October-December 2005
Contents Text
Burying the evidence more
Campaign! more
A job to die for? more
Get safe, get organised more

Hazards 91: July -September 2005
Contents Text
Protection racket more
Standing problem more / PDF
Class act more

Hazards 90: April -June 2005
Contents Text
No real convictions more / PDF
Could they care less? more
A little compensation more / PDF

Hazards 89: January - March 2005
Contents Text
In the firing line more
Workers health information more

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Hazards 88: October-December 2004
Contents Text
Making safety dangerous again more
Occupational voice loss more / PDF
Union protection more

Hazards 87: July -September 2004
Contents Text
Getting away with murder PDF
Vital signs more
Nanotechnology more

Hazards 86: April-June 2004
Contents Text
Sold out more
Bad Language more
Bargaining on safety more
Danger! Trained safety reps at work more

Hazards 85: January-March 2004
Contents Text / PDF
Sickness absence more
Selling death - ICRT photofeature Text
Be annoying Text
Workplace privacy more
Workers' Memorial Day poster PDF

Hazards 84: October-December 2003
Contents Text / PDF
Testing times More
Growing pains - photofile Text
Gene machine More

Hazards 83: July-September 2003
Contents Text / PDF
Don't go breaking my heart More
ITF photofile Text
Drop dead - overwork factsheet More
Death sentences PDF

Hazards 82: April-June 2003
Contents Text
Smoke screen more
ITGLWF photofile Text
Menopause PDF

Hazards 81: January-March 2003
Contents Text / PDF
Criminal neglect PDF
Toiletbreaks More
IFBWW photofile More
Two million killed at work each year PDF
Corporate responsibility postcards More

Hazards 80: October-December 2002
Contents Text / PDF
Deadly business PDF
PINs and needle Text / PDF
Workplace safety criminals: Special pullout More

Hazards 79: July-September 2002
Contents Text / PDF
It's the hazards, stupid PDF
Don't write us off PDF
Victimisation PDF
Safety is better organised PDF

Hazards 78: April-June 2002
Contents Text / PDF
The union effect PDF
The safety squad PDF
Get a life! PDF
Workers Memorial Day poster PDF

Hazards 77: Jan-March 2002
Contents Text
Dead Wrong More
Littleluxuries: Haiti photofile TEXT
Drugs and alcohol PDF
International RSI day poster PDF

Hazards 76: Oct-Dec 2001
Contents Text
Take notice! articles, poster and resources
Production lies article and resources

Hazards 75: July-September 2001
Contents Text / PDF
Voodoo science Text / PDF
TUC 2001 asthma survey PDF
Safety reps training PDF1 PDF2
World mapping PDF

Hazards 74: April-June 2001
Contents Text / PDF
Grave concern: Asbestos PDF
No more working weak PDF
Workers' Memorial Day PDF
Organise! Text / PDF

Hazards 73: January-March 2001
Contents Text / PDF
Young workers' strain pain Text / PDF
What's your body worth? compensation guide PDF

Hazards 72: October-December 2000
Contents Text / PDF
Spot the safety inspector Text / PDF
Sustainable jobs Text / PDF
Asbestos Text / PDF

Hazards 71: July-September 2000
Contents Text / PDF
DIY workers health studies Text / PDF
Stress: A cop out Text / PDF

Hazards 70: April-June 2000
Psychoterror: Bullying PDF
Contents PDF
Needlesticks PDF
Euro week PDF

Hazards 69: January-March 2000
Globalisation PDF
Work organisation factsheet PDF

Hazards 68: October-December 1999
Eurostrains PDF
Strains factsheet PDF

Hazards 65 January-March 1999
Research for truth Text

Hazards 64 October-December 1998
Toilet breaks Text
Who pays when cancer strikes? Text

Hazards 63 July-September 1998
Just transition Text

Hazards 60 October-December 1997
Toxics use reduction Text

Hazards 58 April-June 1997
Computer Vision Syndrome Text

Hazards 41 November-December 1992
Solvents PDF

Participatory action research / epidemiology / editorial PDF

Just transition PDF

Participatory research / body mapping PDF